My hunch is that someone you trust mentioned my name, or you stumbled upon one of my videos or social media posts. Whichever path you took, I am really glad you are here!   - Coach Dani

Dani Rocco is a mother, wife & lifelong entrepreneur. Growing up as a professional ballerina developed her commitment and dedication to everything that life has to offer. As an adult her athletic skills transferred and assisted in her becoming a successful business owner. At the age of 18 she started working for her family's gymnastics school and took the company from bankruptcy to financial abundance. The school maxed out its student capacity very quickly. After 23 years of being the CEO Dani left her family business to follow her passion, as a life coach & relationship expert. She started working with CEO's but soon realized her heart and mission was serving our Military and Veterans.  She is now author “Devoted to a Soldier” & co-author with Les Brown “Own Your Dreams” & 1 Habit, online Academy “Next Level of You”, TV show host, documentary producer “Devoted to a Soldier”, speaker & Life Insurance Specialist. www.danirocco.com | www.devotedtoasoldier.com 


I am an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, and have an unshakable drive and passion to assist you in becoming the person you most want to be. Born in 1977 in the small town of Exeter, New Hampshire, I spent the majority of my childhood traveling the country with my mother. She had an interest for new places, and so we lived adventurously moving each year discovering what this amazing country had to offer. As a young girl all I wanted was to be a ballerina. At the early age of 5, I auditioned and was accepted onto my first ballet company. Even as we continued to travel, I was able to dance and join ballet companies everywhere we lived.

Two weeks after my 16th birthday, I found out that I would be a mom too. I had to leave my love for dance at the door. I remember being so overwhelmed and so scared that I stopped truly feeling. On January 21, 1994 my son was born and becoming a mom changed my life (a part of my story that I would not change for anything!)

Since 1994, a lot has happened in my life. I married in my early 20s and had two more wonderful children. But I was always anxious to move forward with my life, even if a bit to soon. My self-worth was lacking, and ultimately, my choices lead me into a failed marriage.

The funny thing is though as I look back now, I have spent so many years living ashamed that I was a teenage mother. Not until my 30s did I realized just what I had overcome and had achieved. The lessons that stuck with me from growing up too fast is you have one of two choices: 1.) You can accept the choices and consequences and stay where you are, or 2.) You can say, “This is NOT how my story will end” and make life fulfilling. Personally, I always choose #2 because my desire to get more out of life for myself and my children comes from somewhere deep inside, and it is unshakable and stronger than any negative thought or feeling about who I was.

A few years ago, I remarried to an amazing husband whom I love very much. He supports me through all of our adventures, and we are making an incredible life together. My oldest son is a currently a US Marine and my two younger children are thriving in high school with many personal interests and outstanding achievements. I co-own an acclaimed gymnastics academy with my brother and father, exercise daily, and even started dancing again to choreographing gymnastic routines. I had worked so hard and it was finally paying off.

Then in January of 2015, I was in a horrific car accident. The rescue team on-site said they could not believe that I had survived. But in actuality, my life had stopped. Bedridden, living in chronic pain, trying to just make it through the day, I was stuck watching the world go by. I fought to stay positive and motivated. To be honest by the summer of 2016, I almost did not make it. I did not want to live this life anymore-- I was angry, so very angry. I had worked so hard to achieve everything, and it was stripped away in one incidental day. Everything seemed unobtainable once again. And then it happened again. That is when that deep, deep desire came back and said “This is NOT how my story will end”.

Just as having my son at age 16 dramatically changed my life; my car accident changed me too. One year after my accident, I founded a coaching consulting business called TeamRoc. It unexpectedly developed during my intensive physical therapy. Just when I thought I was ready to throw in the towel, my new business revived me. It involves a lot of work on my mindset, physical body to where I could give back to many others. My skill set now helps coach others to become what they dreamed they can be too. This unshakable drive and passion has helped me to become who I am today. Still, this is not how my story ends and I cannot wait to write my next chapter. I want it to include your success story too!