Multiple clients of Coach Dani are saying: 

“Prior to working with Coach Dani my life was so chaotic. I couldn’t put my finger on what needed to be changed but I knew something had to. Dani helped me identify some new behaviors and we formed a plan to set me up on a path of success. Now my goals are clear and attainable. The chaos that was once in my life is now gone and filled with a system that works.” – Annie


“Coach Dani has a belief in me that makes me believe in me. Before working with Dani I didn’t have the confidence to approach people. Today I have started my own personal training company and realize my true potential and what I have to offer people.” – Lynn


“As a CEO of a multi-million dollar company I am continuously finding the solutions that are best for the company but don’t always making the time to find what is best for me. Traveling makes it even harder to incorporate any sort of consistency or time to decompress. Dani's Intensive Integrative coaching program makes it possible for her to travel and meet me on location as I travel throughout the country. In working with Coach Dani I am able to adjust my actions and modify my behaviors for increasingly positive results. My only regret is I didn’t find Dani earlier in my career.” - Robert