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The Next Level of You is waiting to be unleashed. During the series you will watch individuals overcome limiting beliefs, discover negative strong holds, uncover unconscious behaviors and rewire thinking patterns that are stopping them from living into their goals and desires. Ranging from weight loss, relationships, business development etc……. There are no limits to what you want to achieve. Each episode consists of 1:1 coaching sessions with Danielle and elite team of professional to transform each TeamRoc client emotionally and physically. Don’t just watch, join the online TeamRoc culture and start The Next Level of You.


Each episode will highlight 2 clients and run 10 -12 episodes. The show will air twice per month. Please read the commitment needed from you and the benefits you will receive. Let me know if you have any questions. There are only 2 spots per series available. If you would like to be considered as a client on the show please email: with a 30 second video clip introducing yourself and answering the question “If I don’t make a change in my life………….”

  1. What is your goal and design an outline with a team of elite professionals to achieve your goal

  2. Your coaching session will be on location or through zoom video conferencing

  3. You will be open and honest during session. You will be willing to be be brutally honest and open

  4. Understand only parts of your coaching session will be aired

  5. Open to new ideas and resources

  6. Commit to completing all sessions. We will plan out filming

  7. You will be invited to attend any open to public events I attend

  8. You will receive discounts on **products and services used during your transformation. **this is applied to any upgrade of services that are not part of your designed plan.

  9. You will receive FREE professional services that are part of your transformation and designed planned

  10. You are able to promote your personal company and brand (which ever applies) to over 40 million viewers

  11. The only cost to you is $150 per month. That includes all coaching sessions (2, 1 hour 1:1 coaching session per month), all other professional services and personal plans (trainers, functional medicine, food recipes and professional consultations etc.).

**Format might change as filming progresses**

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We all Have a story that can change the lives of someone if given the opportunity to voice it. The Next Level of you gives YOU the platform to share how you are impacting the world, your mission, goals and how the audience can contact you.


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