"14 months ago I began this journey of reclaiming my energy, strength, and general health and well being. I needed something to help me with my very busy life as a full time mom and teacher.  At first I just hoped that I might be able to lose some stubborn weight, but very quickly it became obvious to me that although I was losing weight, I was gaining something in the process. It was easy to wake up in the morning and just as easy to go and STAY asleep at night. I found that I didn't need the mid-morning/mid-afternooon candy bar/coffee break I had been trying to use to keep my energy going. I felt fully alert and alive and in the best mood I had been in for a long time. I was blown away at how easy it was to resume athletic activities that I had not tried in years and that the more I pushed my limits, the more I achieved. It was invigorating and made me feel free... free of the chains of sluggishness, of poor health and attitude and I lost nearly 40 pounds by the end of the first 3 months.  By the end of the 4th month I climbed Mt. Washington in record time and felt amazing. I have never looked back but only continue to look forward to enjoying the 2nd half of my life (I am 55 years old) with as much enthusiasm as I enjoyed the first half. Thank you Danielle for believing in me and getting me started on the Isagenix system that allowed me to reclaim the greatest gift I have ever been given - Me!

"While visiting a local chiropractor it was recommended to me that some weight loss would greatly improve some health issues I was having, aching joints, fatigue, etc. The chiropractor referred me to Danielle for health tips and weight loss advice. After discussing some goals Danielle recommended and helped set up a 30 day plan. At the beginning of the plan I weighed 195 lbs and two months later I hit my goal weight. Since then I have been feeling more energetic and motivated and continue to maintain what I've accomplished with Danielle's guidance and support."  - Curtis

I have known Danielle for over 10 years now. I own a busy chiropractic practice in the seacoast NH area. I value fitness and nutrition in my practice but I mainly focus on spinal correction so I refer all of my patients to Danielle for not only nutritional counseling about weight loss needs. The first several several patients that I had referred to her with their weight and fitness goals for years and Danielle was the first person to help them. Her background and sports is invaluable and her hands on approach is one of the best I've seen in New England. I highly recommend coaching with her and hiring her for her services. - Dr. Duke Lovetere - Duke Family Chiropractic Greenland New Hampshire

Dylan: 18 months ago we were told by our son's pediatrician that he needed to gain weight, that he was growing so fast that his muscles couldn't keep up with his skeletal growth. It was suggested to us that we add additional protein as often as possible to his daily food intake to support this growth. We could not imagine how we were going to do this as he was already eating us out of house and home. As a competitive gymnast who worked out 20-25 hours per week he simply could not seem to eat enough to both maintain his weight and help him grow. At the same time we received this advise, Danielle had begun her journey with Isagenix and was adding Isa-lean shakes to her son's daily regimen.  We began to add the shakes to our son's breakfast which was pretty substantial to begin with, and a half of a shake before practice and another half after his practice. Within 4-6 months we began to see a transformation in our son. Not only was he gaining muscle mass that was obvious to all who saw him but additional strength as well. His gymnastics coach was very pleased at the strength performance difference in our son that he was tracking over the course of his competitive season. We have continued using Isa-lean shakes after a year and a half and our son truly values what this nutritional system has given him. 


Siobhan: As our son was embarking on using the Isa-lean shakes, our daughter (his twin) began to have the shakes for breakfast. Up to this point, it was a miracle if she had a small cup of yogurt or a slice of toast before school. To say that she is not a morning person or breakfast eater is an understatement! But we took this shake and added milk, yogurt and frozen fruit and made the most fortified breakfast she had ever eaten in her life. As a teen ager with ADHD she has to work very hard to remain organized as a student and to keep up with the honors courses she takes in addition to being in the school band and working part time as a coaches assistant and being an athlete herself. Of course, her perseverance is her strength but without proper nutrition to help her brain work it's best she would had a much harder time. By having this shake each morning she was able to avoid being distracted during class because of hunger.  Thanks to Isagenix she finished her first year of high school with amazing grades and a personal feeling of accomplishment.  


"Each one of us carries a certain amount of "stones" upon our back each day, challenges that ask more out of us than perhaps we want to give, but that is one of our goals in life... to succeed despite the challenges that we did not ask for. With Isagenix our family has been able to "lighten our load" and pursue our dreams as we imagine them. Thank you Danielle from the bottom of our hearts."