Hello! Does your company offer professional development to your employees? How do you feel the workplace moral is at this time? How do you encourage and maintain the growth of healthy and happy employees? Transforming the mindset, heart and healthy body of your employees to embrace and love of life and work is my specialty. With my proven effective processes, you will see a positive ripple effect transferred into their productivity immediately and benefit of growing returns on your company’s profits.


I present my training and motivational services to organizations of employees as an added benefit to their health and well being. By encouraging and maintaining the growth of healthy and happy employees, companies will experience increases in productivity, healthy moral, and growing fiscal returns.


I have 24 years of coaching experience, providing corporate training workshops to strengthen your work effort, production, and goal reaching with healthy and happy participants.


When is your next professional development scheduled? Have you offered this type of training and motivational services offered previously to your employees? I would love to hear more from you about the results you have experienced and if there are still some problematic areas that need follow up. Do you feel this would be helpful to your staff at this time? What are the most pressing problematic areas that need to be addressed quickly and get proven results?


Call Coach Danielle Datilio Rocco, founder of TeamRoc to discuss your company needs, available timeline for professional development, and tentative training dates. Together we can determine the length of the session needed—number of hours, number of days, service fees, logistics, and follow up results.


Coach Dani’s proven effective process results include. . .


  • Attract and retain talent +40%

  • Increase productivity +40%

  • Reduce absenteeism +43%

  • Growth mindset +50%

  • Customizable to your meet your companies needs 100%

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